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Welcome to Atlantic Heights Apartments! 

Are you searching for great apartment home living in Barnegat, NJ? Look no further because Atlantic Heights is the number one apartment home community in Barnegat, NJ.

To hold a specific apartment, a deposit of $1000.00 is required within 24 hours of application approval. This deposit is non-refundable after 72 hours. It is applied to charges at move-in.

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Step 3: People Living With You
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Occupancy Guidelines: 

 Apartment Size Maximum Occupants

  1 Bedroom                           Two People

  1 Bedroom w/Den             Four People

  2 Bedroom                           Four People

  2 Bedroom Townhome      Four People

  3 Bedroom                              Six People

  3 Bedroom Town home       Six People

*For persons under the age of 18. All others please fill out a rental application.

Step 4: Residence Information
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You (all individuals) must provide good current and/or previous rental history and/or proof of home ownership of six (6) months are required of all applicants. Negative rental history or home ownership, which reflects habitual late payments, passed the fourth of the month in the past six months (3 or more), NSF's (2 or more), and evictions within the last five (5) years, community disturbances, damages or outstanding obligations to a landlord will not be allowed. You will need to provide us with contact information to verify your rental or home ownership history. Home ownership should be reflected on your credit report. If not you will need to provide proof of home ownership and payment history.

If less than six (6) months of rental history or no rental history you may be ask to pay up to two (2) months' rent in addition to any prorated rent which may be due at move in by certified funds.

Current Address

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Step 5: Employment Information
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You (all individuals) must provide employment history of no less than six (6) consecutive months.

1. Provide pay stubs or executed offer letter that reflects the company information and length of employment at time of physically meeting with Apartment Manager

A. Less than six months of employment on a new job: Applicant may use most recent "previous" employment history to qualify on "length of employment history."

B. If this is your first line of employment, you may pay an additional deposit equal to one month's rent and you must meet all other criteria.

Credit: Complete check of credit will be made. Your application will be reviewed by a third party application processing company who evaluates your credit history information. An unsatisfactory credit report can disqualify an applicant from renting an apartment, including one that reflects past or current bad debts, late payments, or unpaid bills, liens judgments, or bankruptcies. If an applicant is rejected, you may request a copy of the report affecting this decision. An applicant rejected for unsatisfactory credit is encouraged to obtain a copy of the credit report from the credit reporting agency, correct any erroneous information that may be on the report, and resubmit an application for residency at our community.

TenantSafe screening captures a holistic snapshot of your credit history and payment patterns. It includes all rental collections, bankruptcies, utility collections, other collections, tax liens, foreclosures and credit judgments. Based on your score, management reserves the right to offer tenancy with a one to six (1-6) month upfront rent payment required for approval.

Landlord / Utility collections in the last 10 years are an: Automatic Decline.

If you can satisfy the debt(s) in full owed for a landlord / Utility collection and meet all other criteria application will be re-evaluated.

Evictions: Automatic Decline last 5 years

Bankruptcy: Automatic Decline 1 to 3 years / after 3 years will be considered with rent paid upfront, only if credit passes. This could still affect credit scoring.

No Penalty: Medical, Student Loans & Foreclosures

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Step 6: Motor Vehicles
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List all vehicles to be parked by you, your spouse, or any occupants (including cars, trucks, and motorcycles.)

Step 7: Your Pets
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Pets and Service Animals: Regarding communities that allow pets, only dogs, cats, fish and birds are allowed. No more than two (2) pets of any kind are permitted per apartment. Dogs and cats will require an additional deposit of $250.00 and will be required to pay a monthly fee of $30- $75.00. A Pet Addendum must be executed as an Addendum to the lease contract. No visiting pets are permitted on the property.

 The following breeds or partial breeds, but not limited to these breeds, are not permitted: Rottweilers, Pit Bull, Akitas, Dobermans, Chows, German Shepherds or any Wolf breed. Other breeds may apply to restrictions; consult your leasing representative at time of leasing the apartment. 

Pets must be restrained on a leash at all times in common areas. Pet owners are required to walk pets in the designated pet areas and will be responsible for cleaning and disposing of pet waste.

Support/Service animals are not considered pets and are allowed to reasonably accommodate a handicapped leaseholder or occupant. Service Animals, for medical purpose only, are accepted without a deposit. Verification that the animal is a service animal will be required from a licensed physician.


Step 8: General Questions
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A Criminal background investigation will be conducted on all applicants. A criminal history of drug use or dealing, sexual offenses, physical violence to any person (adult or child) or property, or other conduct which would adversely affect the health, safety or welfare of residents of the community or of the management employees and the operations of the property, will result in the denial of the application.

Step 9: Emergency Contact
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In the event of an unfortunate death or serious illness, please provide an emergency contact whom you authorize to enter your dwelling to remove and store all contents, as well as your property in the mailbox, storerooms and common areas.


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